The Bob Carter Memorial Fund

In memory of Bob’s work, a group of Bob’s friends and associates have got together to start a lasting tribute to Bob’s work – The Bob Carter Memorial Conference and Lecture Series – , and are asking for donations to this fund.

The Bob Carter Memorial Conference and Lecture Series will encourage scientists and others to meet and discuss scientific topics where it is possible that ideology has come to dominate rationality and scientific integrity. As the name suggests, the fund will support conferences or lecture tours by eminent speakers on topics which are difficult or impossible to discuss in the mainstream scientific forums. The fund will be overseen by the directors of the Australian Environment Foundation (AEF), of which Bob was a founding member and director, in addition to Bob’s wife Anne who was always a stalwart support to Bob.  AEF is handling your donations and will be the trustee for the account.

If a sufficiently large fund can be generated it would be envisaged that there would be one conference/lecture tour  each year and it would be hoped that these events would recoup a significant fraction or all of their running costs, so that the fund expenditure would be no more than the interest earned on the principal.

Topics for discussion might initially focus on climate change but would extend to other topics which were close to Bob’s heart, and eventually to new issues that suffer the same pitfalls. Activities could be in any country but would likely be in Australia for the first events.

To donate to the Bob Carter Memorial Fund, please click on the link to the Donate webpage