Those who wish to join the AEF or to renew their membership of the Foundation should complete the electronic Membership Form below, submit the Form, and pay their Membership Fee.

The Membership Fee for a full financial year is A$55.  

In the case of new members, the Fee varies with the date on which their membership application is accepted:

  • in the quarter of the financial year ending 30 September, the full year Fee applies;
  • in the quarter ending 31 December, the Fee is $45;
  • in the quarter ending 31 March, the Fee is $30; and
  • in the quarter ending 30 June, the Fee is $15.

The Membership Fee may be paid by cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Cheques should be made payable to 'Australian Environment Foundation' — NOT to the 'Australian Environment Fund'  and sent to the AEF Secretary at the postal address in the footer to this page. 

EFTs should be directed to the AEF bank account below and should include the new or renewing member's surname in the EFT reference—or as much of their name as will fit in the space that is provided by your bank for this purpose.  If there is scope for any ambiguity, we ask that you send a confirmatory email with the full details to the AEF Secretary at:   

Account Name:       Australian Environment Foundation
BSB No:                   013 308
Account No:            4978 00 416

Membership Form

Application for or Renewal of Membership of the Australian Environment Foundation *
Please tick the appropriate box.
Name *
Address *
Telephone *
Please include your STD area code.
In the box below, please indicate that you: (a) agree with the purposes, objectives and values of the Australian Environment Foundation, as set out in its Constitution, and (b) agree to be bound by the rules of that Constitution.
If you would like a copy of the AEF Constitution, please request one from the Secretary via the Message space below.