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AEF 2012 CONFERENCE | Has the time of the Rational Environmentalist arrived?

20 & 21 October 2012, Rydges World Square Hotel, Sydney

Conference Papers

Greens and sustainable development    Alan Oxley

Are wind farms too close to communities?   Steven Cooper BSc(Eng) MSc(Arc) FIEA

Are fisheries or science in decline?   Marine biologist Dr Walter Starck

Is the temperature or temperature record rising?   Dr David Stockwell

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AEF 2010 CONFERENCE | Can policy change save the environment?

16 & 17 October 2010, Rydges South Bank Hotel, Brisbane

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AEF 2009 CONFERENCE | Environmentalism: A Climate of Conflict

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AEF 2008 CONFERENCE | A Climate for Change

11 & 12 October 2008, Canberra

Conference papers and YouTube presentations are here and here. 

Professor Bob Carter gave a detailed and informative presentation on climate science that ended with a call for a National Climate Policy. William Kininmonth, former head of the National Climate Centre, gave an outline of the characteristics of past climate and how little effect carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have on climate. Professor Don Aitkin spoke on the need for sustainability and the need in particular for all Australians to be part of the conversation about water.

Gillian Hogendyk, a landholder from Warren in NSW and secretary of the AEF gave an outline of the work of the Macquarie Marshes Environment Trust of which she and husband Chris are members. The Trust has worked hard to improve the condition of the marshes and to highlight the illegal diversion of environmental water flows from the marshes to private land.

Max Rheese and Mark Poynter gave an update on the campaign to see Victorian Red Gum forests classified as Ramsar reserves rather than national parks. They called for a new paradigm in public land management that recognised the ‘wise use principles’ of the Ramsar Convention.

Graham Young, Chief Editor of On Line Opinion gave an illuminating insight into blogging and the power of the internet to engage the community. Dr Terry Dwyer from ANU spoke on valuing the environment and analysing the true cost of environmental action. Associate Professor Trevor Stevenson from RMIT gave a fascinating presentation on the ability of biotechnology to feed the world and the importance of second generation biofuels.

The final formal event for the day was the launch of the Australian Climate Science Coalition by Dr John Nicol.

AEF 2007 CONFERENCE | People and their Place in the Environment

8 & 9 September 2007, Melbourne

The Conference was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A big thank you to all the speakers who, without exception, gave well detailed and informative presentations to the assembled members and visitors. We had the opportunity to question all the speakers and most speakers chose to stay and participate in the conference. Most of their presentations are available on the website. An open forum was held at the conclusion of the conference where members could have direct input into the activities of the foundation and in the best traditions of democracy, make change happen.

A taskforce to investigate the draft red gum/ Murray River proposals from the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council was formed by the membership as well as a taskforce to study Melbourne's urban water crisis.

The Gala Dinner on Saturday night with Professor Aynsley Kellow as speaker was almost a sell out affair and kicked on into the early hours. Professor Grahame Webb had us up early for a breakfast presentation on the pitfalls of biopolitics and a well rounded presentation on the value of conservation through sustainable use.

INAUGURAL CONFERENCE 2006 | Caring for the Environment in a Changing World

23 & 24 September, 2006, Rydges, Brisbane.