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Tony Abbott to Gave Carter Commemorative Lecture 3 July 2018

The Hon. Tony Abbott—the former PM and current MHR for Warringah in NSW—spoke on "Climate Change and Restraining Greenhouse Gas Emissions".  

This event was the second of the Bob Carter Commemorative Lectures, which AEF has established to commemorate the life and work of Professor Robert (Bob) Carter, a former AEF Director and its Scientific Adviser. The Bob Carter Memorial Fund is financing the Lecture series.

Mr Abbott's address concluded with a question and answer session with the audience.

Dr Peter Ridd moved the vote of thanks. Peter was a former colleague of Bob Carter at James Cook University and was recently sacked for criticising his colleagues' research on climate change—something for which Bob Carter had previously been sanctioned.  

An edited version of the address was published on Quadrant